Hello. I’m Nazz. An Office 365 Consultant

I help businesses with a few hundred to a few thousand Office 365 seats squeeze the greatest value from their Microsoft Cloud investment.

So what exactly do you do?

Well, there’s a good chance that if you’ve installed Office 365 over the past few years then you’re probably not using it to its full potential. I get it. The rate of change of features in Office 365 can be quite overwhelming. There seem to be new features added every day. (You’re not far wrong there were 450 changes made to the service between September 2014 and August 2015.) It falls to you, the person in charge of technology, to keep up with the latest updates.

That’s on top of your day to day work and that’s where I come in.

I work with you and your end users to make the most of the features of Office 365. Normally, I’ll start with the IT department and see if you’re missing any tricks since you installed Office 365 (call it an Office 365 Technology Teardown). Once I’ve optimised the IT department, I’ll then work with other departments in the business to see if there are any ways they can utilise Office 365 any better (call it an Office 365 Productivity Teardown).

We could be looking at big ticket firm-wide services such as SharePoint Online or Skype for Business, or newer wins such as Delve or Yammer; or go down to whether any departments should be using Planner, Power BI or Office 365 Groups. Once the Teardown sessions are done we can prioritise next actions by Return on Investment. I get to know your company and how your various departments work and what features should be used by whom. Essentially I increase the productivity of your company through the use of Office 365. Normally the return on investment in the first year is more than ten times the amount you spend on consultancy fees.

The only cost to you is time; since you’re probably already paying for the licenses.

Can you help us get into Office 365?

Yes. But, even better than that, I can help you get migrated into the Microsoft Cloud for FREE, through the Microsoft FastTrack programme and by utilising the Microsoft On-boarding Center engineers. Microsoft will migrate your mail into Exchange Online and your files into SharePoint Online for FREE assuming you’re purchasing over 50 seats of Office 365. There are quite a few hoops to jump through in order to use the Microsoft On-boarding Center, but I can walk you through those.

Don’t get me wrong, I do have the technical chops to get you into the cloud whether it be through a standard Cutover Migration, Hybrid or even ADFS deployment – since that used to be my ‘bread and butter’ (in the days before FastTrack), and in some cases Microsoft will even pay me to migrate you. But, to be honest, if you’re starting your cloud journey you should probably go the FastTrack route; ultimately it’ll be a cheaper and a less risky route for you to take.

Save the budget to customise Office 365 for your organisation. Use it to explore features such as deploying SharePoint Online as your corporate intranet – or rolling out Skype for Business for presence information. Bring in an expert such as myself so that you can use Office 365 to increase productivity rather than it just being a replacement file and e-mail server.

Office 365 is a hugely powerful platform and you should use it!

Why you over another Office 365 consultant?

Reason 1: I’ve been working with Office 365 (formerly BPOS) since April 2009, the month it was first released in the UK. That’s quite a lot of experience I’ve picked up over the years. I’ve migrated thousands over users over dozens of tenants in that time; over the full stack of Office 365 services.

Reason 2: I am an Office 365 Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate (MCSA); the top level of Office 365 specific qualification Microsoft provides. I keep my product knowledge completely up to date and have a good knowledge of the Office 365 road map for the coming year.

Reason 3: Unlike many other Office 365 consultants I run a business with an Office 365 cloud solutions competency. What does that mean? Essentially, I can call on restricted Microsoft resources such as their Signature Cloud Support team to help me help you. Over my time in business I’ve also managed to build up quite a decent network within Microsoft and throughout the Office 365 community. This enables me to bring in extra resource should it be needed for your projects.

Reason 4: I genuinely love working with Office 365 and I believe that it’s a force for good allowing companies to do more with less. Life in technology now is far better than when we were working in those complex server days. The way that the service keeps on growing and improving makes Office 365 a service I’m happy to spend a fair whack of my productive life working with. It can get quite technical and mentally stimulating; and there’s nothing quite like nailing a really good Powershell script!

Who hires you?

CIOs, Directors of Technology, or Technical Managers of mid-market sized businesses will bring me in to help them work through their Office 365 strategy. Many will have installed Office 365 a while back and need help getting up to speed with what’s currently possible in Office 365 and working out how it can be applied in their business. In all cases what was available when they first installed Office 365 compared to what is available now will have changed dramatically. They’ll bring me in to provide a fresh pair of eyes and to identify solutions they may not have thought of.

Other IT companies will bring me in as a subject matter expert to augment or supervise their teams for clients they are trying to get into the cloud but don’t have the in-house skills to deliver. I will either fit into their general project team – or take responsibility for the project on their behalf; either way I’m generally brought in as a safe pair of hands to help them deliver. They like the fact that I’m as much a ‘people person’ as a ‘technical bod’ and am a good ambassador for their company.

Recruitment companies will bring me in for specific short term roles to help get larger Office 365 projects on track. I can be brought in at any stage of the project: from designing and working out the requirements of the project to technically delivering a migration. I’ll generally consider projects that seem interesting and have a good project team. I’m not a big fan of working on huge projects that spend a lot of time not going anywhere; life’s too short. I like adding value.

Other important information

I was born and raised in the UK and I hold a full United Kingdom passport. For now, I can still work on projects in the European Union.

My last DBS / CRB check was performed in mid 2013 and came through all clear. I haven’t done anything since then to jeopardise that status. I also have a full UK driving license; should it be needed.

I currently live just outside London with a 45 minute journey into Kings Cross / St. Pancras.

I’m generally good value down at the pub for team drinks and enjoy a good laugh.

Further background

I started the first five years of my career at Goldman Sachs as a programmer on their NAPA graduate training scheme having graduated from University College London where I studied: Statistics, Computing, Operational Research and Economics. From there I grew, managed and sold a relatively successful IT consultancy.

I decided to become an Office 365 consultant because it gives me the power to decide how I spend my time and provides me the opportunity to work independent of location. In many cases it doesn’t matter if I’m working on a client site, in my London office, in my home office or on an island on the Stockholm archipelago. I like that a lot.

One of the ways I’ve decided to spend obscene amounts of time and money on is on road cycling. Weather permitting, I like to ride an average of 100 miles per week and my greatest achievement to date is completing the Marmotte Granfondo Alpes cycling race (on the day 190km, 5km+ elevation) in the summer of 2016.


Some of the companies I have helped with Office 365…













…and some kind words from clients I have worked with

We hired Nazz last year to implement a cloud computing solution for the business. Nazz worked well with the team, was low impact and produced a great solution for us. Implementation was no fuss and his customer service and follow-up was exemplary. I would recommend Nazz without hesitation

Tim Richards

Senior Partner, Ravensbeck

Nazz is a pleasure to work with because his work ethic and commitment to clients means he works really hard to find out what we really need and then deliver it. And he’s a pleasure to work with on a personal level. We have continued to use Nazz and will continue to do so.

Chris Cowan

Managing Director, Clusters

Working with Nazz was a delight from start to finish. He explained the options clearly and our migration was carried out in an extremely quick and painless manner. The resulting system is excellent and I’d highly recommend Nazz if you want someone who is easy to work with and achieves great results!

Kim Bayley

Chief Executive, ERA

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